Sunday, June 20, 2010

Autodesk Inventor - Authoring and Publishing Frame Member Crosss Sections

In this Exercise:

In this Skill Builder exercise, you explore the creation of a frame member cross-section. The cross-section is used with Frame
Generator. After you complete this exercise, you will understand the steps required to:
  • Create and author a structural shape.
  • Publish it to Content Center to use with Frame Generator.

Workflow Overview

To complete this exercise, you will:

  • Download and open a zip file containing two Inventor parts.
  • Author an iPart as a structural shape.
  • Publish an iPart to Content Center.
  • Use the custom cross-section in Frame Generator.


  • Install Inventor R2009.
  • Install Content Center and configure it with a read/write library.
  • Understand how to use iParts.
  • Understand how to use Frame Generator in Inventor.
  • Complete the Using Frame Generator tutorial supplied with Inventor.
  • Download (and unzip) the zip file containing the source files to use during the exercise.
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