Sunday, June 20, 2010

Autodesk Inventor - Investing In Properties

One of the methods for associating nongraphical information with Autodesk Inventor™ files is by using file properties. A series of
common property sets are embedded within all Autodesk Inventor files. These property sets include:

      Summary: General properties and keywords associated with the file.
      Project: Properties common to files within a project or other structure.
      Status: Design stage and approval properties (also file reservation information).
      Custom: User-defined properties (Text, Number, Yes/No, and Date formats).
In addition, part and assembly files expose read-only physical properties, including material and mass. You can use property values to
automate the placement of information in BOMs, parts lists, balloons, sketched symbols, and title blocks.
In this tutorial, we'll examine methods to manage file properties, and take a look at the ways in which properties can help you document
your designs.

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