Sunday, June 20, 2010

Autodesk Inventor - iFeatures and Punches

The Punch Tool

Sheet metal part production is often highly automated. Flat stock is cut to shape and internal cutouts, reliefs, and deformations such as
dimples, lances, and louvers are created in CNC turret punch machines prior to forming the folded part. Each punch "hit" is
programmed with a tool number and tool center location on the flat sheet. Some machines can also rotate either the tool, or the stock, to
add an angle variable to the mix.

iFeature Creation

Saving and placing punches is a straightforward procedure in Autodesk Inventor software. However, creating an easy-to-use iFeature
that captures your design intent can be a different story. Simple cutout shapes are not difficult to capture. The only wrinkle when
creating a cutout to be used as a punch is to ensure that the tool center remains in the correct position when the punch changes size.
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